Six Succulent 2016 Offerings

Six Succulent 2016 Offerings

Neil Winchell

December 21st, 2016

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Ihsahn – Arktis.


This is by far my album of the year listening to it as launched me into discovering more of Ihsahn’s back catalog.

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Amon Amarth – Jomsviking


Despite a somewhat harsh review I gave of this album when it was released for poor lyrics the instrumentation has remained a strong selling point and kept me coming back.

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Nilexistence – Existence in Revelation


A great fucking debut by a local Syracuse band, worth looking into for any fans of Beyond Creation, Nile, or the like.

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Gojira – Magma


An album that shows off where the band has been but still keeps them moving forward with some extremely catchy melodic tunes.

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Aborted – Retrogore


Different enough to keep the critical death metal fan interested but not too far from the tree that the hardcore Aborted fan loses interest.

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Witches of Doom – Deadlights


In the sea of sound a like bands few actually possess the ability to branch out and become something new. Witches of Doom captures the sound of Type O Negative but by beating it over the head with a Master of Reality vinyl creates something unique.

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This list is by no means a rating of each album, just a collection of the albums that stood out to me the most.