Mood Jukebox: End of the Summer

Mood Jukebox: End of the Summer

Trevor Davies

September 5th, 2016

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It’s Labor Day as I type this. The days of barbecuing, late nights with friends, and trips to the beach are now behind us as fall starts to roll it’s way in. For some of us autumn reels us back into the reality that is the real world. Many people are back or heading back to school, the stress-free living mindset of summer is no more.

For this edition of Mood Jukebox I hand picked a couple songs I find myself listening during the transition from summer to fall. The playlist consists of the likes of Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes, Kurt Vile, and American Football. Some of these songs may not scream “autumn” to you, but listen to the lyrics and maybe you can relate.

My two favorite tracks in this playlist are “Hannah Hunt” and “The Summer Ends.” Hannah Hunt just gives me imagery of driving down a country road with the windows down and you can hear the crunching of leaves beneath the tires. The song blows  you away even more when you realize Ezra is talking about “the New York times” newspaper. “The Summer Ends” perfectly describes having to say goodbye to your friends as you head off to school.

I’ll be having this playlist on shuffle for the next month.