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Cult Values – “Cult Values” Album Review

Cult Values – “Cult Values” Album Review


September 5th, 2016

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Summer is over and if you listen carefully you can hear the collective deflation of pool toys across the nation, the locking up of cottages, and the spreading of tarp over boats and trailers in backyards and driveways. Soon it will be wet, cold, and dark at 4PM. It’s depressing isn’t it? Yes, well don’t worry; Cult Values is here with their self-titled debut to make sure you settle in to your winter doldrums with viscous transition.

Sorry, but this is not going to lift your spirits. This album is the opposite of a pep-talk. Cult Values is a windy, dark energy of lyrical regret. They’ve been single-handedly shattering the dreams of young punks throughout Germany for a2871613936_10the past few years and now, thanks to Deranged Records, you can get the same experience from the comfort of home with this LP. “Walking in the rain never felt so good”. This thing is littered with all the colors of autumn, but mainly black and blood red.

In the mid 1980’s Hardcore began to splinter, mostly into two directions; metal and emocore. Cult Values falls somewhere into the emocore party, but with a slightly artsy post punk tinge a la Grey Matter, or late-career Articles Of Faith. It’s a revival of an old sound, but amped up a bit and polished off with crisp recording.

I hear these guys are made up of musicians from around the world. Some kind of supergroup perhaps? I have no idea who any of them are so let’s just back up the bus on the whole supergroup thing. This is good high-energy punk though. I mean, really high energy. Like being attacked by a pack of baboons on cocaine energy. Just bright pink baboon asses and glistening fangs around every corner.

High speed, surfy guitar leads are everywhere on this record like a squiggly line scribbled all over each song. Or maybe more like a manic, back and forth scrawling with a pen, clenched in a lunatic’s fist. Are you getting the picture yet? This is intense. The vocals have that classic punk vexation you’ll find in a lot of UK Hardcore or even some less snarky first wave bands.

If there isn’t already, I have a feeling there will be lots of talk about this LP around your usual punk circles. I expect to see multiple mentions of it in the Maximum RockNRoll year end top 10’s. Will it make my top ten for 2016? Not likely, but this definitely rips.

If you’re not feeling upset, depressed, or downright furious enough about the onset of fall, then you need to get the Cult Values LP stat! Put it in your ears and slam dance yourself into a frantic rage. Download or stream it from the Cult Values Bandcamp page here.