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A Day to Remember – “Bad Vibrations” Album Review

A Day to Remember – “Bad Vibrations” Album Review

Zach F

August 31st, 2016

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Doing What They Do Best: 7.5/10

A Day to Remember, simply put, is a gateway band. They’ve achieved massive success with their brilliant concoction of pop punk and metalcore touring all over the world and providing hundreds of thousands of angsty teens with a type of metal to grasp onto. The band has never really changed since their inception, basically releasing the same album each time. Throw in a few happy pop punk songs, a few bone-crunching breakdowns, and top it off with a couple rock songs and you have every album ADTR  has every recorded. However, the formula works. Every album they’ve put out is enjoyable to listen to. However, just because an album is enjoyable doesn’t always mean it’s good.


Enter Bad VibrationsADTR‘s sixth studio album. My expectations were pretty dim for this album right from the start. Lead single “Paranoia” was a direct rip-off of “What Choice Did You Give Us?” by Stick To Your Guns and even lead singer Jeremy McKinnon said that he had no song ideas when writing began for the album. After listening to the album a few times, it is quite apparent that this is another run-of-the-mill ADTR record. “Naivety” is a cool pop-punk sounding song, “Reassemble” hits VERY hard with galloping riffs and head-smashing breakdowns, and “Turn Off the Radio” is ironically a standard rock song you’d hear on your local radio station. After “Reassemble” the album really dies down and gets very boring very fast. A lot of slow songs are only kept interesting by the occasional breakdown to wake you from your slumber. Jeremy McKinnon said himself that this record is “the truest representation of us as the band we are right now” and I honestly couldn’t agree more. This album is everything an ADTR fan could possibly hope for. With that being said, the replay value for this album is relatively low. Personally, I didn’t find it too interesting and the second half of the album is a huge turn off.

TL;DR: Fancy yourself another ADTR album just like the rest? Look no further than “Bad Vibrations”. Filled with catchy choruses, breakdowns, and happy pop punk tones, this album is enough to make any fan of the band happy.