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Blink-182, A Day to Remember, All Time Low – “California Summer Tour” – Concert Review

Blink-182, A Day to Remember, All Time Low – “California Summer Tour” – Concert Review

Austin Fehrman

August 25th, 2016

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08.23.2016 – SYRACUSE, NY – The line to enter the Lakeview Amphitheatre stretched far into the parking lot as many eager fans awaited a trip back into the early 2000’s along the likes of Blink182, A Day to Remember, All Time Low, and some guy named DJ Spider. Concert goers frantically rushed in as the gates opened at 6 pm to find the best spot on the lawn, for the seated lower shell of the amphitheater was rather empty for a while. As the crowd walked in, we were greeted with the sounds of DJ Spider, and I’ll be the first to say that this was nothing to be proud of.

DJ Spider had a setup of a card table with his very small amount of equipment on it, along with a small banner that was barely visible from the lawn. His playlist was practically a mashup of every song since 1980 to the present that my ten year old neighbor would recognize, otherwise known as overused songs that have been beaten to a pulp, except now in a distorted, off-key, DJ fashion. There is no offense to DJ Spider because he seemed pretty nervous to be up there so I give him lots of credit for doing what he does, it just needs some work man that’s all.

Next up on the night was All Time Low, who played a nine song set list and lasted just under an hour. I don’t personally know many of this band’s songs but from what I saw and heard from their performATL_0011-1170x780ance, I thought they were very entertaining. They had a very loud and powerful sound throughout their whole performance and all the instruments and the vocals were very clear and sounded great. Good sound will most likely always lead to a good show, even if you don’t know the all the songs. The crowd seemed to know all of the band’s songs and were singing along and dancing to them so from what I witnessed, it seemed like they played a good set. The band also included some comedy in their act as they joked about the “poisonous” lake that the amphitheater is on the shore of, claiming that they were going to take a swim and come out with “four arms and seven dicks” if anyone wanted to join them. The lake is Onondaga Lake and was just recently deemed “swimmable” in some locations for the first time in several decades due to a massive cleanup of the lake, for those who do not know. I enjoyed them as an opening act and would consider giving them a listen in the future. Check out the set list below to see if you know any!

The middle act of the night, and in my opinion, the best act of the night, was A Day to Remember. A Day to Remember absolutely killed their set and was full of energy the entire time they were on the stage. Their set consisted of eleven songs, including all their most popular songs, and the song “Paranoia” which is off their new album. I would definitely call them the best band of the night. They seemed to have the most energy, and they just seemed like they were haadtr-promo-photo-2016-james-hartley-946ving fun on stage. Their sound was beyond good. They were very loud and powerful on all levels. The vocals were very good sharp and clear, which is sometimes hard to come by in bands that get a little grizzly so to say as A Day to Remember does. Their instrumentation was spot on and the synchronization was great to hear and to see. Their best song of the night was actually their new song, “Paranoia.” The power behind the chorus of this song as they played it was immense. You could visibly see the video boards hanging on each side of the stage shaking as the amps blasted this song out. The rest of their set was incredible and it was  honestly very fun to watch them perform with each other.

Last to go on the night was the headliner of the night, Blink-182. Blink put on a massive twenty four song setlist that in pop-punk fashion, only lasted an hour and twenty minutes. This is due to several of their songs being only thirty or so seconds and the rest not lasting over three minutes. But this is typical of the genre and its what makes it enjoyable and sometimes even comical. Now this is a tough one to review because I really enjoyed the set but I have several gripes to get off of my chest. We’ll get through the rough first and then sail into the good here. First of all, I don’t know what was up with their sound for the first part of the show but it to put it gently, it was atrocious. All you could hear was bass drums and bass guitar. The vocals were almost absent and when you could hear them they sounded like they were being sung while someone had a pillow over their mouth they were so muffled. Along with the missing vocals, I began to think I should’ve reported the guitar to the police because it was missing. You honestly could barely hear it. This really gave the show a sour start, but fifteen to twenty minutes into the set it seemed to be adjusted and fixed. The sound after this point was not spot on, but certainly a thousand times better than at the beginning. Also, the vocals from singer Matt Skiba were a little off key here and there but I wiblinkll not gripe about it because he actually apologized  for it between two songs and was flawless from there on out. This was a phenomenal set, in terms of the songs on it, but in my opinion I don’t think it was structured very well. There were too many hits towards to beginning and then towards the end there were many songs in a row that not as many fans seemed to recognize. This caused the crowd to lose some interest in the concert. The interest was absent until “Happy Holidays, You Bastard” due to the crowd interaction during the song. They played everything I personally would have wanted to hear, including one of my favorites, as stated prior, “Happy Holidays, You Bastard.” During this song they played it in the complete dark, only being lit by the audiences cell phone flashlights. This was actually pretty unique and intriguing to see. The amount of cell phones was incredibly great enough to wear you could still see the band in full as they performed. My favorite song of the night was a tie between three songs. These songs were “Kings of the Weekend,” “Stay Together for the Kids,” and as I previously stated “Happy Holidays, You Bastard.” The band was constantly joking in between their songs and was visibly having a good time as they performed. Overall, their set was a lot of fun and it really was cool to see and say that I’ve seen this band perform, as they are really the true legends of pop punk. They played a great set and put smiles on over 10,000 faces at the amphitheater. Long live Blink-182.

Check out each band’s set list below!

All Time Low:

  1. Lost in Stereo
  2. A Love Like War
  3. Dancing With a Wolf
  4. Six Feet under the Stars
  5. Backseat Serenade
  6. Something’s Gotta Give
  7. Missing You
  8. Weightless
  9. Dear Maria, Count Me In

A Day to Remember:

  1. The Downfall of Us All
  2. I’m Made of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of?
  3. It’s Complicated
  4. 2nd Sucks
  5. Right Back at it Again
  6. Have Faith in Me
  7. All Signs Point to Lauderdale
  8. Paranoia
  9. All I Want
  10. If it Means A Lot to You
  11. The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle


  1. Feeling This
  2. What’s My Age Again
  3. Family Reunion
  4. The Rock Show
  5. Cynical
  6. First Date
  7. Down
  8. I Miss You
  9. Bored To Death
  10. I Built This Pool
  11. Dumpweed
  12. Stay Together For the Kids
  13. Reckless Abandon
  14. San Diego
  15. Not Now
  16. Violence
  17. Kings of the Weekend
  18. Dysentery Gary
  19. Happy Holidays, You Bastard
  20. Los Angeles
  21. Carousel
  22. All the Small Things
  23. Brohemian Rhapsody
  24. Damnit