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Yeesh – “Confirmation Bias” Album Review

Yeesh – “Confirmation Bias” Album Review


August 9th, 2016

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How can a band with such a stupid name be so good? Modest Mouse is a stupid name too, so I guess we shouldn’t go judging bands by their covers. I don’t think either band has ever done a cover song. They do have album covers though. The cover of Confirmation Bias has drawings of decaying teeth arranged numerically on it. At least that’s what I think they are. Thus begins the riddle that is this record, and ends the riddle that is this paragraph.

yeeshcoverAs far as mathy Post-punk goes, this one really gets you moving. It may take the unseasoned ear a few listens to adapt to some of the scattered melodies, but the grooves are there. You can figure this out.

If a train leaves Chicago on July 22nd traveling at 4000 mph, slowing down unexpectedly at various locations along the way… Ok never mind that. Math gets complicated, but there’s plenty of classic speedy punk rhythms here to keep your head bobbing. Also get your fill of jazzy 90’s emo. Get your fix for guitar harmonics. Get your deep grumbly bass that comes at you like a shark and then turns away at the last minute, and your drums that sound like the contents of a well-stocked book shelf falling onto a linoleum floor. Don’t forget the weird rock-anthem-like guitar noodling thrown in here and there just to keep you from figuring out where the hell this train is going.

Alex Doyles’ lyrics are distressed and challenging, asking “how many tries does it take to convince the face in the mirror that you’re not giving in?” Then he responds “I’m not convinced!/It’s a trap!”. Later he prompts you to question the very point of everything with a song like “Placeholder”. Hey, no one said this was going to be a motivational album.

What you’re getting is some pretty dreary rhetoric, and a sound slightly more jarring, a little more aggressive than their first record, No Problem (stupid album title). There seems to be less sharing of the vocal responsibilities too, which might have something to do with the darker tone.

Bewildered yet? Don’t worry, it all comes together to sound completely organic; Like this is exactly how it should sound. It feels like invention, and that’s not easy to do in 2016.

The best albums are the ones that feel unfamiliar at first, but eventually blow you away when you get comfortable with them. You’re going to want to familiarize yourself with this record. Season your ears with a healthy dusting of Yeesh. Purchase a digital copy of  Confirmation Bias from their Bandcamp page here, or get the sick red and white vinyl from Tiny Engines.